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Architectural Photography at Night

Architectural Photography at Night

Architectural Photography

Sometimes the best time to photograph an exterior is in the evening.  The dark blue glow peaking up over the top of the building as the night sky takes over makes for an awesome look.  I find the look especially pleasing with modern style homes and commercial buildings. The large windows and open concept designs really pop with the interior lights on and with landscape lighting highlighting the architectural stone and industrial exterior finishes the building takes on a completely different look.

Architectural photography - Brampton_Commercial_Building Architectural photography - CN_Tower_Entry_2 CN_Tower_Entry Architectural photography - Modern_London_Home-2 Architectural photography - Modern_London_Home Modern_Mississauga_Home-2 Modern_Mississauga_Home-3 Architectural photography - Modern_Mississauga_Home Architectural photography - Modern_Oakville_Home-2 Modern_Oakville_home-3 Architectural photography - Modern_Oakville_home


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