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Hi All,

Its been a while, busy busy busy! A small thing, I was fortunate to get an image published in Canadian Living Spring 2015. Page 71. Its a fantastic laundry room designed by Jo Alcorn, Whitewash & Co Kind of a neat use of a really small space.

Photographing small spaces is always a challenge. Its a fine line selecting a lens that is wide enough to adequately cover the space without being too wide to distort it. In this case I fell back on my 24mm TS-E lens. I’d say this lens is my second most used lens next to my 45mm TS-E. The 24mm is about as wide as I’m comfortable going in an interior space, anything wider and I find things start looking wonky.

Lighting can be challenging as well. Thankfully I had some nice natural light streaming down a long hallway from an adjoining room. I was able to soften the light with a big diffusion panel and add a little fill with a small speedlight bounced into a corner hidden from view.

Anyway let me know what you think.


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