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Style at Home Photography

Style at Home Photography

Spring Style at Home Photography March 2014

Hey all, check out the March issue of Style at Home, (page 92). Shots of a home I photographed for an amazing designer Jo Alcorn got picked up as part of a “designing for small spaces” article. Its amazing what a great designer can do with just about any space. Jo used wide horizontal strips on one of the shorter walls to give the impression of greater width. She also incorporated a dark wall to give the illusion of depth, very clever.

When photographing small spaces it is easy to fall into the trap of attaching the widest lens in your bag and sticking with it. Problem with using a wide angle lens in a small space is that anything in the foreground tends to distort. Sometimes, to do justice to the interior design, its better to break the room into pieces. Capturing the space in several shots will highlight the design with out distracting the viewer with crazy distorted furniture jetting out at wild angles.

Style at Home photography_1



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