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Architectural Photography at Night

Architectural Photography Sometimes the best time to photograph an exterior is in the evening.  The dark blue glow peaking up over the top of the building as the night sky takes over makes for an awesome look.  I find the look especially pleasing with modern style homes and commercial buildings. The large […]

Canadian Living

Hi All, Its been a while, busy busy busy! A small thing, I was fortunate to get an image published in Canadian Living Spring 2015. Page 71. Its a fantastic laundry room designed by Jo Alcorn, Whitewash & Co Kind of a neat use of a really small space. Photographing […]

Style at Home Photography

Spring Style at Home Photography March 2014 Hey all, check out the March issue of Style at Home, (page 92). Shots of a home I photographed for an amazing designer Jo Alcorn got picked up as part of a “designing for small spaces” article. Its amazing what a great designer […]

White Interior Photography

Pure White Interior Photography A while back I was assigned to photograph a pure white interior for an issue of Our Home Magazine – Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge . Photographing anything white can be a challenge,  the light meter in a DSLR camera is not content aware.  It can’t tell if the subject […]