Natural light portraits

I love shooting natural light portraits!

I really love shooting portraits, there is something satisfying about seeing the look in a subjects eyes when you have done a good job.  As a commercial photographer the majority of the portraits I shoot are for editorial spreads, people in their homes, business people in their offices, trades people with their tools, ect.  Some of my favourites portraits are ones I can manage to capture with out a lot of extra lighting. Natural light portraits shot of people in their own environments just seem to have a different quality than staged studio portraits.  Not only are the people more comfortable but there is something really intimate about seeing someone in their own space. I’m always amazed at how people seem to match their spaces. I guess it makes sense, we chose the colours and style for our personal look in the very same way that we chose how to arrange and decorate our spaces.

Natural light portraits - Heather in her kitchen
Natural light portraits - summer getaway
Natural light portraits - designer diggd
Natural light portraits- puppy love

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