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Rest in peace my friend -Jason Hartog Photography

Rest in peace my friend

I don’t blog near as much as I would like.  Life gets busy and this thing seems to slip off the radar.  Today I am compelled to write something.  A while back I wrote a blog called “craftsmen“.  The post was about a man I consider a mentor, Andre Nufer.  Sadly today we laid him to rest.  I had been planning to visit him for months but much like in the case of my blog life got in the way.  I deeply regret not giving that visit a higher priority and sadly the opportunity is now lost.  Life is a fickle thing, you never know what twists and turns she will throw your way. Spending time with people that are important to you should never take a back seat.  Life lesson learned I hope, Thank the people that deserve thanks, pay tribute to the people who deserve tribute before the opportunity is lost.

This picture was taken at my wedding back in 2001. It’s a candid of me and my mentor, a true Photographic Genius, Andre Nufer. He was a top photographer before the age of Photoshop and tethered capture, when great images were created with light on film using cameras that required skill to operate. When being a photographer required you to master the craft. He loved his craft and shared it openly with anyone that showed interest. I was one of the fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. He touched my life personally and professionally, I am the photographer I am today thanks to him and will continue to strive every day to be half as good as he was.  You will be missed my friend.

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  1. Beatrice [Nufer] Yasayko

    Dear Jason,
    What a surprise and heart warming experience it is to find your writings about my brother, Andre Nufer. My children, husband and I live in Washington state, but we visited Andre in London in the 90’s at which time he was delighted to show us his studio.
    He often mentioned his friends in conversation, so I know you were dear to him. Thank-you for giving us a glimpse of the art of photography of the past and the skill it took for successful images.
    Andre must have been thrilled to see you succeed in your work as well.
    I will let Kaila and Nicholas know in case they haven’t read this article.
    If you ever come to the west coast please let me know. We live right at the coast, about twenty minutes to the Canadian border, in Birch Bay.
    Thank-you for this lovely tribute to Andre.
    Gratefully, Beatrice Yasayko